Get on my list: you deserve a Plus! #becauseyourworthit #mondayblogs



I’ll have a brand new e-mail account to break out to become my new favorite pair of shoes.

Why am I moving? Because I’ve created a dedicated e-mail account for my author goodness. It’ll be better in the long run for our Google Plus experience. More sharing, more creating – it’ll be fantastic!

But, like a brand new pair of shoes, it might take some “wearing in”. The main thing I’m worried about, is not the right fit, but not losing any old threads. As in – YOU!

I’m going to make a fancy list…as in, as fancy as typing out on word, to make sure I’m not forgetting anyone.

So if you like my random and Geeky content, author news, technology news and other random STUFF let me know in the comments with your Google Plus name, and I’ll be sure to add you so we can be awesome together!

Let’s do this!

Click on the picture above for some linkage 🙂

Hope to see you all there! It’ll be fun, promise!

Have a great week all,


3 thoughts on “Get on my list: you deserve a Plus! #becauseyourworthit #mondayblogs

  1. Hey lovely, sorry I’ve not been around for ages – I’ve got lots to catch up on I see! – Don’t forget to add me on your new google+ Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine love Bia 🙂 x


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