Go have fun…your computer will be okay. (I Promise!)


Well, I was rather proud of myself. For this week I managed two whole days without even touching my computer!!!

I brought my laptop with me in my car because I knew I’d be running around all day yesterday and guess what? I didn’t even turn it on! And today I didn’t even use it until now.

And I feel just fine.

Sometimes I get so caught up on “checking everything” I forget that it’ll all be there when your ready 🙂

I love social media and working on my laptop, I’m not bashing society or technology, but it’s a nice reminder that it’s okay to take a day off. Pamper yourself. Have a nice date. And go out on the town!

Your computer won’t really miss you.

How do you guys cope on “vacation” without having to check anything? Is it relaxing, or does it freak you out?



3 thoughts on “Go have fun…your computer will be okay. (I Promise!)

  1. I’ve been moving, so I was either too busy to get online or the darned thing wasn’t assembled up or the internet wasn’t connected or whatever. I just can’t do online via my phone. I guess my fingers are too fat Now I’m trying to catch up and i feel as if I’ll never make it!


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