Back to School: not just for the kids! #mondayblogs

back to school

So the last few weeks have been rather exciting at Target and Staples, and other such retailers.


Three words.

Back. To. School.

Those words might make students and teachers cringe, but for the rest of us, it’s enough to cheer for…especially if you go early.

WRITERS: Stock up on notebooks, pens, cork-boards and inspiration boards. Writing YA? Get teen like patterns to get inspired. Not writing YA, no problem, stock up on those flash cards for that story board.

OFFICE FOLK: Get fashionable and functional organization items for a steal. It’s like Christmas.

FOR THE HOME: Get clutter under control by tackling your file system. Who says cleaning just has to be for the spring?

FOR THE CAR: And when inspiration hits you on the road, make sure you have a notebook or two tucked in the glove department. I always like to have a pen handy also. I don’t recommend writing while driving, but when you are driving to your destination, and inspiration hits, the moment you park – write it down!

CLOTHING: Old Navy and Target have had huge sales on basic tee shirts and such. Take advantage! Stock up! Look classy!

Have YOU taken advantage of back to school even if you don’t have kids and not a teacher? Share in the comments 🙂 Parents: do you love or hate back to school season? Teachers: how about you? What items are a must for teachers?

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