6 Great Things Coming in the Fall #mondayblogs

fall preview


I feel you.

School is back in session. The sunlight isn’t lasting as long in the evening. And Labor Day is next week already! Where did summer go? 

But before we start our sad, sad goodbye to sweet Summer, let’s take a moment to reflect what we have to look forward to in the fall. Because 2014 has been a crazy year so far – in a good way – and there is lots to look forward to in the fall as well! So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte (oh right, that’s coming too!) and let’s dive into Fall, 2014 style! 

6. Football 

Fantasy Football fans rejoice! Football is back in session. And while I’m personally not a fan of the sport, I know lots of folks who are already gearing up the grill for brats and burgers to get ready for the big games. 

5. Boots are back! 

Fall is one of my favorite styles for fashion. Cozy jumpers, fuzzy socks and leather boots return to retail. I missed the boat on grabbing cute boots last year, so am looking forward to seeing what 2014 has to offer in style. 

4. The Sims 4

Sul Sul! That’s Simlish for hello, because on September 2nd the Sims 4 is finally here! Hey, that’s pretty exciting in my opinion! 

3. Bye, bye humidity! 

The good thing about summer gone is so is the humidity – hopefully! I know my hair will rejoice in this! 

2. New Technology 

2014 is going to be huge in the tech world! With the Motorola 360 Smart Watch making a splash in early September to the new iPhone 6 – which tech are you most excited about? 

1. Fall TV is back! 

Let’s all cheer as we can find out what happens to Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Bones, Brooklyn 99, and countless other of TV shows to glue our eyes to and spark the imagination. 

So are you excited about fall as I am? Are you looking forward that Pumpkin Spice latte, new piece of tech or which fall TV show are you most pumped about? Tell me in the comments how you celebrate fall and if you’re ready – or still holding on to those summer rays! 



9 thoughts on “6 Great Things Coming in the Fall #mondayblogs

    • Ooohhh hot chocolate, that is another great thing about Fall too 🙂 I don’t know, I’m from Chicago so am used to the cold – but not a fan lol. Only one way to find out!! Plow through 🙂


  1. Fall can’t come fast enough! Bring on the apple picking and Renaissance Faire! I look way better in a sweater and jeans than I do in shorts and a tank top. Plus, I’m tired of sweating. Most of all, I’m looking forward to crunching through leaves and open windows at night.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeeeha! I agree, I must admit, I missed my winter coats last year when it was too hot in Greenville to wear them lol :p fall fashion is so my thing! And you are right, the trees changing are the best!


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