Laniakea: Will our map of the Universe ever be complete? #mondayblogs #nasa #scifi

Nasa posted a cool article about this week about Laniakea, our home Supercluster. And included in the article provided in this here brief video, take a watch, it truly is fascinating:

Here is one science-fiction author’s first reaction to Laniakea: the “web” of galaxy clusters resemble to me the brain’s neuron’s. What if the entire Universe is just a brain of another creature? 🙂

Realistically speaking, it is probably not a giant brain of some cosmic creature. Although it’d be fun if planets and stars are building blocks of another life force. But if Laniakea proves anything, it’s that we don’t know much about the Universe – and perhaps, just perhaps, anything can be possible. Which is good news for sci-fi fans.It’s good that our grasp of anything being possible is so tangible, because it leaves room for greater and more spectacular stories just waiting to be told.

So what do you think, can us humans ever really get a complete picture of the entire Universe? Or is it better that some things are left unsolved?



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