When @Starbucks goes #steampunk, it’ll make you smile!

So I was in desperate need for a taller tumbler as the one I had only had the capacity for the second largest Keruig size selection, which is a huge problem for me.  So I visit my favorite Starbucks store and take my time picking one out. They had a couple of cute fall colored ones I almost selected,  until I saw this one.


It was gorgeous. And the coppper shine totally gave off a steampunk vibe. I had to have it.

I’m very pleased with it because it is definitely large enough and room to spare.


And, funny story, as I was leaving Starbucks with a big smile on my face carrying my new steampunk tumblerand a double tall Pumpkin Spice Latte, I noticed a lady looking around with a barista looking for a tumbler herself. So I proudly hold up my copper one and said “I just brought this one!” She repliedn “Yes, that looks good, I’ll have that one.”

So there you go. Starbucks is hopefully going strampunk and I hope it is more than just for the fall.

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