Do you ignore those auto DM messages for Twitter or do you click on them?



I’d really like to know. Because I’ve been getting a LOT lately.

Let’s get one thing clear: I don’t mind that you follow me. In fact, I love it! Especially if you’re not a robot. Humans are amazing, why do we need auto accounts tweeting for us? But what I can’t stand is auto DM messages that go along the lines of “thanks for following me! Check out my facebook page!” or “thanks for following me, check out my book”.

My answer will always be:


So if you want to get people’s attention: TALK TO THEM. Wow, rocket science 🙂

Otherwise anything auto in my opinion is that if you have a robotic program automatically telling your new followers to check out your webpage, that to me is the bad kind of:


Not saying you can’t do those handy tweet later buffer set up posts, as long as you’re the one who actually typed it.


So what do you think? Do you like those DM messages people send out? Do you ever click on their links? Or, like me, do you refuse to out of spite? But if you are a content creator, why would you risk that chance that someone would ban your website because they feel like they are being spammed?

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6 thoughts on “Do you ignore those auto DM messages for Twitter or do you click on them?

  1. If people plug their book through an automated DM after I started following them, I immediately unfollow them. It just totally irks me.
    Worst one was an author plugging his Amazon deal which had long expired.


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