Are you still reading spooky?


Two weeks ago, it was Halloween.

And we were super excited to get our hands dirty with all things horror. From scary movies to keep us awake at night, to spooky soundtracks to listen to. And of course…scary books to fill up our Kindle with.

But now that Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving draws near for at least fellow Americans…one question remains: are you still reading spooky?

Are vampires, zombies and werewolves still on your mind? Or are you now in the mood for a light-hearted holiday read or movie? What is your favorite type of fiction in November?

I have been in a Steampunk mood lately, so my fictional tastes are most defiantly not seasonal related 🙂

Share in the comments below if your reading tastes are seasonal or not! Or if you have been more into scary movies or seasonal movies than reading. And with Fall TV still in full swing, it’s easy to keep eyes glued to the tube and not on the books!

Share your awesome thoughts!

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