Computer Viruses Suck…kinda like sparkly vampires


Oh wait, except sparkly vampires REFUSE to suck blood, so computer viruses suck like real vampires.

I know no one likes getting a computer virus. That’s like saying YAY I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY TOOTH EXTRACTED! Or, YAY I FAILED THAT CLASS AGAIN! Nope…no one enjoys getting a computer virus. I bet even hackers, the people who make the viruses even hate getting them.

So why I am stating the ever so obvious?

Because last week, I had to factory reset my computer. And it SUCKED. I was so sick of not being able to use the internet without an ad popping up, that I totally reset the computer, because deleting everything that I didn’t need wasn’t working. And, in my frustrated haste, the only file I backed up was my beloved work-in-progress.

I clearly wasn’t thinking properly enough to SAVE EVERYTHING on a drive. Nope. I was only thinking of my story. God I’m such a writer!

Anyway, have YOU ever lost everything on your computer? Lets mourn, together!

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