Which trailer was the best?

Last week we got THREE major movie trailers all in one week! As says Cevin Fisher, we’re the lucky ones.
So here’s what I wanna know from YOU: which trailer was the best?
1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This trailer pretty much broke the internet. Although I was disappointed. Really, Star Wars, 12 seconds of blackness on screen? Come on, the first image should appear immediately, not 12 seconds later. Although, the Star Trooper looked cool.
Can someone make a movie about the Star Troopers? That’d be neat 🙂
2. Jurassic World

At first when I heard they were making ANOTHER one, my first reaction was: *sigh*
But…Chris Pratt!!! Need I say more? It’s gonna be awesome! So dinosaur fans, come and get your love.
3. Pan

Okay, the concept looks pretty cool. And the kid looks perfect as Peter. BUT WHAT IS UP WITH BLACKBEARDS COSTUME? EWWWW. I think the costume would have fit better in a movie adaptation of The Night Circus – what do you think?
So let me here it, who did the first trailer best? Star Wars, Jurassic Wold, or Pan?
Share your thoughts in the comments!

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