The Snooze Button is the Biggest Frenemy of Them All


It’s funny how a slightest change in our morning routine can feel like the whole day is thrown off.

That happened to me today. And it started when I decided to lay a few more minutes in bed with my new kitten, because her purr was just too sweet to resist.

The following had me out of whack and in a frenzy:

1. Forgot it was garbage day, so had to run around to clean my room in less than five minutes.
2. Had to feed the kitten, which takes longer when she always tries to play with your shoe laces.
3. Had to make my sandwich which I eat for breakfast since I don’t get a lunch break, as I forgot to make it the night before.
4. Saw a cat on the road had gotten hit by a car, which broke my heart the whole morning commute.
5. My office space area was locked, when it usually wasn’t.
6. And the computers had been messed up from the person who shares my space at night.

Okay, so the alarm clock wasn’t the cause of all my “bad” morning, but I felt like if I had those ten extra minutes I chose to “waste” lounging, I might have been able to be more prepared. But then again, you can’t always predict life – and perhaps that’s what makes each day interesting, is the little things that go “wrong”.

What things throw you off in the morning? Share in the comments below!

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