Going #viral? Remember this!


Thanks to a Mashables post for inspiring this post, and to bring me nearly to tears with how awesome the collab is (what can I say? I love it when humans work together!) I noticed one really, really, REALLY important detail about what all these videos have in common.

Are you ready for it? I’m not sure you are. It’s a really big detail. Easy to miss.

The one thing all these video have in common is how random they are. There is nothing in common with all of them. Sure, they’re organized into categories like dancing and daredevils, but no two videos have one thing in common.

Viral is luck. So don’t try to go viral. Just aim for awesome.

Most importantly, don’t call your own video or content viral. Let the people decide if it is viral.

And if it is awesome enough, the world WILL notice.

So go ahead. Be awesome. I dare you.

Share your awesome thoughts!

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