New Years Resolution a #writer can keep!

New Years Resolutions
So we all know that new years resolutions are usually forgotten within a couple of months. Usually. I know there are hard core people who can rock that diet resolution all year! But I’m not one of them.
This year, I only made resolutions I knew I could keep. Here are my writing ones:
1. Write at least a chapter every week
2. If I can’t feel inspired for a current project, start a new one
3. Less time on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video
4. Go out with my friends more for real life inspiration
5. Write down interesting over-heard conversations
6. Write down interesting first and last names I hear
7. Pay attention to the news…a little bit
8. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media! Be more active on other people’s content, not just my own
9. Networking – online and off
10. Not be scared to succeed or finish a project
11. Not be scared to fail a project
12. Continue to not compare myself to others
So that’s it. Writers! What are your resolutions? Do you have any new year habits? Readers – what is your 2015 reading challenge? 

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