What is your 2015 #goodreads reading challenge?


If you’re a fan of Goodreads (friend me, here!) than you probably already have a 2015 reading challenge.

If you’re not a fan of Goodreads, or haven’t heard of or used Goodreads before, than you might be wondering what a reading challenge is.

It’s simple to explain. A reading challenge is a number of books per year. Say you want to read a book a week for 52 books a year. That’s awesome! Goodreads checks your progress automatically when you check in after every book you read and say when you finish it.

That’s the problem I always have. I always forget about Goodreads, so my challenge is never accurate.

This year I want to read 12 books. I know it sounds low. But I want to read one book per month. This will be hard since I’m working so hard on my own novel. And…well, Netflix!

BUT I’m going to give an honest effort this year. AND I’m going to remember to update my Goodreads! I am great at remembering to leave reviews however, so I will have to remember to leave both on Amazon, which is where I leave the reviews, and also on Goodreads.

Honestly, reviews are the best way to help an author out!

So please leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear what your 2015 reading goals are! And are you a fan of Goodreads? Let me know why or why not! And where do you leave your reviews? Share below 🙂

Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “What is your 2015 #goodreads reading challenge?

  1. I’m an occasional Goodreads user. I tend to use it to research books and authors. I’d have to spend hours on there to mark all the books I’ve read before it existed. I don’t always mark ones I’m currently reading or finished either. Maybe I’ll try a bit more this year. I do like the community aspect of it.

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    • That’s a great description, occasional Goodreads user. I use it for about the same. I do enjoy some of the communities though, they inspire me to read even more! I just always forget to login lol


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