#Tea for the Sick (aka me!)

Tea is for the isc

Sorry #tea fans, I love tea, I really do. The history of tea. The culture of tea. It’s all very fascinating.

But I drink it mostly when I’m sick. I’m not saying tea can’t be enjoyed when you’re healthy, but when I’m healthy, I personally prefer coffee…if you couldn’t guess.

My favorite new recipe has been loading the bottom of a mug with a boatload of honey (yes, that is an actual measurement!) a whole half of lemon of lemon-juice, a cinnamon stick and black tea.


It really is as yummy as it sounds, and it has totally been helping this frog in my throat.

I mostly feel better. I was sick all last week with a really nasty cold, and missed two days of work on Mon and Tues, boo for no money! But my throat has still been scratchy and burning and I sound like a chain smoker. Fun times!

Still going out tonight though, like Elsa says…the cold never bothered me anyway! Wait, she was talking about the illness right?


So I want to know from YOU when your favorite time to drink tea is, and if you prefer tea over coffee. It’s okay if you do, we can still be friends 🙂

Share your awesome thoughts!

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