#BookReview: The Tinkerer’s Daughter


The Tinkerer’s Daughter
By Jamie Sedgwick
|| Total Stars: Three out of Five ~  Would I recommend this to a friend? YES. ||

      In a world totally different than our own, there are three different intelligent species. The elf like species called the Tal’mar, the humans and the blood thirsty Kanter’s are in a long lived war.

Starts off as a really strong novel in a very interesting world. Young Breeze, at start of novel age four, is dropped off by her father to the local Tinkerman, named Tinker. Her father is called off to war and she is forced to live with the generous and kind but recluse Tinker. Tinker takes her in as his own child, despite his knowledge that she is a half-breed. Half Tal’mar who has magic abilities like communicating with trees and healing powers, and half human. Half-breeds are hated by both the Tal’mar and the humans, because they have been warring for centuries. Breeze wants to live in a world where she doesn’t have to be hated just because she’s a half-breed. So she works hard to change it, starting with her first challenge, going to school.

This book has a nice theme about the dangers of prejudice and assumptions on a group of people, and also a theme about changing your own fate and world. Although some called her a Mary-Sue for changing the world so “easily”, it left a nice message that anyone can make a difference, and that one person truly can change everything.

I wanted to give this novel four stars even, I really did. I was very excited about it for the first 2/3rds of it. It had awesome Steampunk fantasy, a world that reminded me kind of Firefly and kind of like The Last Airbender mixed together. Tinker and Breeze on the surface are great characters. I agree with the other Goodreads reviewers that the characters could have gone deeper. Betwen the somewhat shallow characters and numerous typos, I was forced to only give it three.

I also thought that conflicts in the story felt way too rushed to resolution. Even in a fantasy world, with it’s own set of rules, it seemed unlikely to end such a long war in only a week. The most exciting part was only a chapter or two long, so that was a bit of a let-down.  It is part of a series, and while I’m curious about the second book and will probably add it to my To Be Read list, I’m not sure I will pick it up right away.

I think some character development, and one more round of editing would have made this a four or five star novel. And although it was a great read as a free book, it made me sad to see so many typos, as it gives e-books a bad name. But for a free book, it was a fun read.

Still, if you like campy Steampunk novels and enjoy a fast-paced read, you’ll probably like this novel. It kept my interest, had an ADORABLE puppy in it, and Tinker was an awesome representation of Steampunk.

Despite only giving this novel three stars, I would still recommend this to anyone who can suspend their disbelief on how time moves and about magic and loves a good Steampunk story.

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