SNOW is making me seriously DEPRESSED!

Is Snow

I know there are bigger problems in life than the weather.

Believe me, I KNOW.

I also KNOW you can’t control the weather. So don’t let it ruin your mood people say.

Well I say I can’t help it. I look out the window and just want to cry.

This is how it started.

20150224_064728 So of course when I saw it was snowing, I knew I wasn’t going into work that day. And when you’re on a part time job (two of them) no work = no pay, oh the joy!

Then it quickly became these:

20150224_154637 20150224_093755 20150224_154637

“Oh but it’s so pretty!” people might say.

No it’s not. It’s awful. It gives you a headache from staring at so much BRIGHT WHITE UGLINESS and not to mention the UGLY SKIES.


I don’t mean to bitch and whine. But I wasted the whole day yesterday being upset that it snowed and I couldn’t get to work.

The worst part of it is that there’s supposed to be another winter warning watch tonight, we’re supposed to get EVEN MORE snow! NOOOO! Which means that it’ll probably be another snow day tomorrow. Sigh.

The only one making it worth while is this one:


She thinks I’m staying home just for her. Bless her heart 🙂

Have you gotten snow lately? Show off your pics! Or are you a lucky duck who gets warm weather year round?

Have a great day everyone! Try not to let the snow get you down! SUPPOSEDLY spring is almost here, yay!

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