Veronica Roth’s advice on bringing back the joy of #amwriting! #veronicaroth


In today’s news that Divergent author Veronica Roth is in the midst of creating a new series, she offered a great bit of advice for writers without I think even Ms. Roth realizing it.

“I think I’d have to be a robot not to occasionally worry about expectations!” she wrote to the AP. “But mostly I try to trust my instincts. It helps that I’m really in love with this project – that makes it a joy to work on.”

~Veronica Roth
Portland Press Harold

To me this quote stood out because it is something all authors deal with, multi-million-copies sold or not, all writers deal with that gut-churning sense of doubt. Is this project a good idea? You might ask yourself. What was I thinking when I wrote this? Will the readers understand what I’m saying?

These are all doubts we might ask ourselves as writers, and probably even more lingering in the back of our minds. The more we cloud our minds with these doubts, the less our projects have room to grow inside our brains.

But, to me as a debut writer, it’s just a little bit refreshing to know that even the big leagues still squirm on their own writings. Not that I wish them to squirm, as I have nothing but respect for best selling authors, but it is a fact that all writers experience at one point of time or another the sense of doubt. Thus, it does the writer little good to mull in doubt if even the super-star authors doubt themselves sometimes!

So I encourage writers to take Ms. Roth’s and rekindle the joy of working on your project. The rest will come in time.

What about writing makes you so joyful? Are you working on a new project or plugging away at a current one? Share in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Veronica Roth’s advice on bringing back the joy of #amwriting! #veronicaroth

  1. I must be crazy as I have 6 folders on a thumb drive with projects in them. One is my current series with the first one published, and the other 5 are various worlds/drafts in all manner of stages of completion. 🙂 Nice to see we aren’t alone in our doubts.

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