#BookReview: Tarot: The Magician by @timkanebooks (calling all #ParanormalFantasy fans! This book is for you!)

Tarot The Magician Book Review

Tarot: The Magician was written by one of my Twitter buddies, @timkanebooks and is a truly original Paranormal Fantasy.

This YA Paranormal Fantasy was a delightful story to explore. It merges poetry by the Romantics and modern troubles to create a unique reading experience.

Here is the book description from Amazon:

When Kassandra Troy discovers an ancient tarot deck, her life takes a thrilling and frightening turn. She triggers The Magician card, and releases the mysterious and captivating Luke Rykell. He lifts Kassandra out of despair, dispelling the devastation she feels after her father’s death. But Luke has a dark secret. He wants the magical deck for himself. The only way Kassandra can save herself is to journey into the Tarot cards. But once inside, can she ever escape?

First off, the plot was incredibly cool. Magical tarot cards? I was hooked since I saw the awesome cover!

My favorite character was actually the bad guy, Luke. He was just very interesting and had a great back story. He was a surprise baddie too, because at first we think perhaps he is her love interest. Another favorite character of mine was her nightingale.

Some parts did feel a little rushed. While I enjoy a fast-paced story, the ending was left a little blurry. But the climax was told well and felt satisfying. It was clear either Mr. Kane did his research on the tarot cards or was already an expert. While I missed some references not knowing much about the world of tarot, some reviewers on Goodreads who did confirmed that the tarot cards references were accurate.

I also enjoyed that the imagery within the tarot cards were almost poetic, especially the nightingale creature, as it reflected the poems that opened up each new chapter. So even if you aren’t big into tarot cards, poetry fans would enjoy this story as well.


Kassandra was an interesting character because she had to deal with the recent death of her father, move to a new town and deal with not having many friends (if any at all), and dealing with a bully Queen Bee. Not to mention, suffering from a dark addiction of cutting and putting up with a mother who seemed to move on too fast from their fallen father.

During all these personal crisis, she also has a magical deck of tarot cards to figure out before a dark soul plans to use the magic for evil.

I’d recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a unique new fictional world, diverse characters and anything to do with tarot cards.

The reason I gave the book 3.5 stars was for me there was a bit too much darkness. I know that’s what makes Kassandra interesting, but since I lost a couple of friends to depression, it was a subject a bit too close to home. Although this book is a nice Young Adult read, I might caution parents before giving to younger teens, as suicide and cutting are some topics discussed. However, what I enjoyed was that Mr. Kane treated them as an illness and took the matter seriously. He didn’t just make the main character a cutter to fit the “emo” stereotype, he treated the subject with the respect that such dark habits deserve.

Since the book is more about the tarot cards, and less about her addiction, I was still able to enjoy this high-action packed novel. This was a quick read as it was truly a page-turner and I was able to finish it in only a couple of weeks…which for me is really good lol.

So YES I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind a slightly dark Paranormal Fantasy. The tarot cards themselves were a great world to explore, and Kassandra was a great guide through them.

The book left with a hint there might be a sequel, and I believe a sequel would be a welcome addition! I hope this debut author continues this series and continues writing even more books! I would buy the sequel as well if it is planed to be continued as the ending suggests!

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