Can #moto360 survive the pressure of the #applewatch hype?

Can the Moto 360 Survive the hype of the

Do you even remember what the Moto 360 is? It’s the almost-entirely round interface crafted by Motorola this past summer.

Yeah, even I forgot about it, and I was beyond psyched for it’s release.

Well now Apple announced it’s long-awaited Apple Watch and suddenly, smart watches are cool again.

Even I’m sold.

I’ve had Android products for the last ten years. But lately I’ve become bored of it. And now that Apple FINALLY has widgets on their phone, when my contracts end in the summer, I’m getting one. And yeah, if I can save up enough monies, I’m getting the Apple Watch, too.

So what do you think? Can the Moto360 and other Android Wear survive the hype of Apple? Or is Apple all hype, and will fall a little flat on their promises?

I am very curious to see the next design of the Moto360 for 2015 and curious to where the smart watch industry will lead too now that Apple is in the game.

But I’m STILL waiting for a smart watch like Leela from Futurama, like I posted about when the hype for the 360 was still strong last year, here.

What are your thoughts on the Smart Watch industry? Share them!

2 thoughts on “Can #moto360 survive the pressure of the #applewatch hype?

  1. That Motorola watch is so good looking. I’m definitely in the camp that watches should be round. I haven’t got a smartwatch, I’m not entirely sure how one would ever be more useful than the phone that’s glued to my hand at all times. Jx

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    • Jet – I know right? It’s GORGEOUS! I was worried how it’d fit on a ladies wrist, because it looks a bit bulky. But they all kind of are 🙂 The reason I want a smart watch so bad is cuz I drive ALL THE TIME and it’d be really handy to have directions on your wrist and to be able to control your music from it too. But the price is a bit out of my range for what it is. If it was a hundred dollars less, I’d have already owned the 360 lol.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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