This buzzfeed story almost made me cry. Thanks.

If you keep focusing in school, and trying to help others whenever you can, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

~President Obama (via BuzzFeed)

Political viewpoints aside, this quote from a surprise source of inspiration – President Obama – and it made the feels so strong I just had to share. But yeah, it’s true, I almost burst out crying in public when reading this so be careful where you’re reading this 🙂

Of course there’s NO mention how EXPENSIVE dreams can cost you, and as a penniless author, I have a right to be a little cynical, yeah?

But to a 9 year old, I can only imagine how empowering this letter must be for her. Who knows…maybe she’ll be the real life Leslie Knop! One can only hope!

So political viewpoints aside, be that you’re democrat or republican, you have to give the Prez props for making this little girl’s day. Of course he could just be appealing to her since she listed a lot of democratic women, his wife included, but hey I choose to believe he did it to be inspiring to a youngster and no alternative motive at all (cuz both sides have those too).

Have you ever received anything cool from a celeb? Share below!

2 thoughts on “This buzzfeed story almost made me cry. Thanks.

  1. I would not go so far as to call our previous Mayor a celeb. But when I was 15 i did some interviews of a few well known people in our town for school. The Mayor was busy when I called but his secretary took down the questions and later that day he faxed (yes it’s quite a few years ago) his answers back. My teacher took the fax and interupted the class I was in to let everyone know that the Mayor had sent me a fax. It was embaressing more than anything else….

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