Fun with letters!

fun with letters

Last week at work they decided to add a new sign. It was my job to find all the letters. Of course, as an author, this delighted me.

First fun bit was the only letter missing for the word we needed was “F”. We didn’t have a single “F”. I was thinking AWW F! to myself at first (get it? Hehe!). But then I got creative. Like a true author, I was able to think outside of the box. We didn’t have any F’s, but we had plenty of E’s. So I took this one “E” and broke off the bottom leg of it. Magically, it transformed into an “F”. Professor Mcgonagall would be so proud of me, I would have totally aced Transfiguration!


Anyway, I joked with my co-workers that “I never worked so hard for an F before.” and it was amusing to think that was true. Usually you do everything in your power to avoid an F. Unless you just don’t give a flying F anymore. But I never reached that point.

Second bit of fun was later in the afternoon. They asked me to tape the letters to the wall for a mock-run of what the final product would look like. I said okay. So after standing on a chair for twenty minutes putting up the words, I was happy to be done. But then two letters fell off, making a lot of noise and scaring us in the process. But then I laughed, as the two letters spelled “If”.

So there were a lot of “If” jokes that followed.

Anyway, just goes to show you, letters and words can be fun!

What word always amuses you? Have you ever put up a sign with letters before? Share below! 

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