#Batman says be a hero and don’t litter! #EarthDay


For the love of god, please stop the littering! It is really out of control by me.

I am wanting to start a campaign in my community about it but no idea where to start. Yes they have volunteers who are kind enough to pick up trash on the side of the road. But the core issue is that people are too lazy to take their trash out.

I see entire tied up garbage bags just tossed in the ditch. Even worse, I see trash OUTSIDE a garbage bin that they didn’t quite get the aim right. And then what happens? The wind blows that piece of wrapper away and it gets stuck in a tree. Then people see that bit of wrapper and think it is okay to leave their trash out. Or, I don’t even know what goes inside people’s minds when they think “I will just throw this out my car window.” NO! DON’T DO IT! JUST DON’T!

Not only is it bad for our planet, but I am tired of looking at trash. For nothing else, don’t do it for the aesthetics. That is a more shallow reason, of course, but it is a valid reason none of the less. Do you want to stare at trash every time you drive to work? Me neither! So don’t do it! Just keep it in your car until you get to work and throw it out at work. Or keep a trash bag in your car if you know you’re in your car a lot so you can pick it up later. It’s not rocket science. It’s really not. Trash goes in the trash bin. See….it’s simple.

Just because you are tired is no reason to throw trash on the ground. So let’s agree with Batman, let’s make every day Earth day. Be a superhero and don’t litter! Seriously!

Do you have an environment concern in your community? Share down below!

5 thoughts on “#Batman says be a hero and don’t litter! #EarthDay

  1. My issue is with people watering their lawns every day and letting the water just happily gush down the side of the street to the storm drain. I know who it is because their lawns are luscious and green and ours looks awful and dry. We are so supposed to be adhering to the even stricter watering restrictions but I guess some feel their lawns are more important than everyone else. Great post!!!

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    • Ugh I would complain to the city council about that! Not cool! My issue with sprinklers is when people have them on during the rain. I get they are sensor-ed, but the sprinkler companies need to make them turn off when it rains. I’m sure there can be some kind of water detector that can be put on to make that happen. Thanks for the comment!! 🙂

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  2. My entire city is clean it seems, until you visit a local playground. While in Houston the parks were well kept and clean, it does not seem the same goes for Alabama. There is a park near my husband’s office that has a huge lake, ducks, walking trails, a about four different play ground set ups, and you would think it would be SAHM mecca. But instead it is empty, quite often. Finally I went myself one afternoon after giving my husband a lift to work, and I felt I was going to gag. You couldn’t see the dirt for the cigarette butts. They were everywhere, out of control. Later I visited our neighborhood playground and found litter covering that play set as well. I guess park maintenance is not a priority here.

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