A mother-load deal of a charming Mother and Daughter tale just in time for Mother’s Day!


Please welcome my guest speaker, Ms. Lisa Shambrook! We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a sweet deal on a sweet story! Take it away, Lisa!


Mothers – those wonderful women who care for us, shape us, berate us and love us…I love that

Mother’s Day is part of spring, a time when Mother Nature is renewing life and blossoming. It’s a

timely reminder to think of that person who did the same for us.

1. Beneath the Rainbow  L_Shambrook_Beneath_the_Rainbow_Cover(Amazon)

Both my novels ‘Beneath the Rainbow’ and ‘Beneath the Old Oak’ deal with the complex relationship

between mother and daughter. In ‘Rainbow’, a mother’s grief of losing her child is painted alongside

the touching dilemma facing her lost daughter in Heaven. Freya wants to console her mother and

move on in the afterlife herself, but she can’t whilst her mother grieves. Her goal is to give her

mother a rainbow and relief.

2. Beneath_the_Old_Oak_front_cover_final

‘Old Oak’ follows another mother/daughter relationship, this time a

young teen tries to deal with her mother’s anxiety and depression and finds herself lost amid her

mother’s emotions. She needs to find strength and support and an old oak tree offers just that.

Relationships are always tricky, but ultimately rewarding and inspiring.

My books are on sale over the Mother’s Day period, so if you’d like to read or gift your own mother

an enchanting tale…these might just be the books for you.

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Shambrook Author Photo 206kb

A writer and dreamer who loves dragons… Lisa began weaving intricate stories inside her

imagination from a young age, but these days her words find themselves bursting forth in the forms

of flash fiction, short stories and novels. A love of the ocean and life in West Wales, rich in legend

and lore, heavily influences her lyrical and emotional writing.

You can find her novels ‘Beneath the Rainbow’ and ‘Beneath the Old Oak’ at

http://www.lisashambrook.com and she blogs under the alter-ego The Last Krystallos at

http://www.thelastkrystallos.wordpress.com and is co-owner of Amaranth Alchemy on Etsy


US Amazon links: http://amzn.to/1AxeEzd http://amzn.to/1wwI2oQ

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