The ticking time bomb technique … will blow up your editing skills!


Most of us have probably heard of the ticking time bomb technique for writing. But what if there was similar technique you could use for your editing? And all it takes is a timer of some sort. The timer on your smart phone would do just fine.

How does it work? It’s easy.

Step One: PLAN 

Yes, before you groan and claim your muse doesn’t *do* schedules … what if I told you, it can? Plan an hour a day at a time you know you’ll always be home, and less distracted. For me, it’s 8 p.m. Think of a time where no one will be calling you, no one will be asking you to do anything, and you won’t be too sleepy to be productive. Some people like the early morning before everyone wakes up, I like in the evening when everyone is watching T.V.  If you can, have it be the same hour every time. This will help create an editing routine for you and make you feel like a pro.



Now that you’ve arrived at your designated editing hour (#DEH? Can we make that a thing?) You’re ready to set your timer. Trust me on the timer. You DO need it. Because this is going to set your muse on discipline mode. What if you could control your muse? What if you could plan when your muse strikes? Won’t that be better? More productive? Well for me at least, I found it has been. I’ve only started this a week and already I have way more pages than if I “thought about” editing.

Step Three: GET SET! 

Get comfy! You’re going to have your butt planted in your chair for a whole hour. So use the restroom before, grab a snack if you need it, grab a drink (remember, edit sober says Hemingway!) and you’re good to go! Part of the success of this process is not getting up (or opening your web browser) for a whole hour. Sounds like a challenge, and it is, but nothing easy ever was worth while.



Congrats, dedicated writer, you’re aspiring no more. You’re doing it! You’re one step closing to finishing another draft of your story. Don’t worry about the timer. Click the phone screen off until the alarm beeps. Don’t even worry about how many pages you can or can’t do in an hour. The point isn’t page count. The point is you are working solidly for an hour. No distractions online, no distractions in real life, and no distractions in the mind.

Just one hour of pure editing bliss.

We can all sacrifice ONE HOUR out of 24 for our WIP’s, right?

So what do you think? Is your editing routine like a work-out? Is it like your writing routine? Do you even have a routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy editing 🙂

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