5 signs adults never really graduated high school or college!

June is all about dads and grads!

Over the last couple of weeks, you may have been hearing a lot about graduation, even perhaps been invited to one or two. But does it feel sometimes as a working adult, that we’re still stuck at college or high school? It makes me wonder if we ever really graduate.

Same drama. Same issues. Just older.

Signs things haven’t really changed:

1. Passive aggressive behaviors and general communication fails are still a thing:

photo credit: iridescent.tumblr.com

2. Sometimes romantic chat can still be awkward:


3.  Balance and inner peace still yet to be found:


4. Deadlines still freak us out:

5. Most of the time, we only pretend we know what’s going on:

memegenerator.net http://bit.ly/1IzhJ6X

But, it’s not all panic and confusion. Because the older we get, the more we hold onto this belief:


Photo credit: http://chibird.com/

Was there an instance at work or with your grown up friends that made you feel like you were back in high school? Share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “5 signs adults never really graduated high school or college!

  1. I have some friends that always seems to be fighting about some little thing or other, that ends up with someone not being on speaking terms. Whenever this happens I always feel we’re still in high school.

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    • I have friends, cousins and co-workers like that lol. I just try to wiggle away from it and stay neutral. Unless someone did something really awful (and even then I believe in second chances), I don’t like to take sides 🙂 thanks for the comment! Hope you are well!

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