Jurassic World Rocked My World! My first 3D movie :)


Well I’m now a believer. I love 3D!

I never saw a 3D performance before because my old group of friends hated 3D. And I never complained because it was cheaper to see a regular movie.

But wow! I was super impressed on Jurassic World’s 3D-ness. I screamed a couple of times, hid behind my hands for all the people-getting-eaten scenes (not a spoiler, because, Jurassic Park!) and scenes weren’t made over the top just for some 3D effects. VERY well done.

So I don’t know if I was so impressed because the movie itself was so impressive, or if I’m sold now on 3D. But the Minions trailer was in 3D and it looked really fun! They had confetti that really popped.

So what I wanna know from you guys is do you like 3D? I know it bothers some people. If so what was your fave 3D movie? And have you seen the new Jurassic World? What did you think? As good as original? Share in the comments below!

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