Big life changes start with doughnuts. Yes, doughnuts.

Life changes start with

Mmm…doughnuts. Homer Simpson had the right idea.

What if life is about doughnuts?  The idea, although not quite that idea, came to me on Friday.

All last week, especially on Tuesday when our week started, the crew kept talking about Tuesday. And as I was kind of sort of an instrument in a misunderstanding that caused some folks grief as I’m still getting my feet around the procedures of my new job, I felt a little bit guilty. And nothing helps relief guilt like generosity. So when I heard them keep talking about doughnuts, a light bulb went off, and I offered to bring some in on Friday.

I made a mental note every day of the week NOT to forget doughnuts on Thursday night for Friday morning for the crew.

And here’s the life-changing bit. It worked. I have the worst short term memory ever.


To show how bad my memory is, I will probably forget about this blog post tomorrow. That’s how bad my memory is. So when I actually remembered said doughnuts, and followed through on a promise I made, I felt mega accomplished. So now when I have something important to do, I know the trick is going to be to remind myself at least once every day. Now hopefully I can remember to remind myself…

Do you have any memory tricks? Share in the comments below!

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