Ode to the Lonely Lobster: King of the Lobster Tank



Once there was the biggest lobster in the sea. But there was a bigger net than even he.
He was scooped away and carried to land. Placed in a fish-tank and his claws been banned.
He was not scared. He was not bothered. For he was the biggest lobster in the entire fish tank.

He bullied his way through the tank. MAKE ROOM FOR ME! He would scream. All the other lobsters feared him.
Then one by one the lobsters were gone. Taken away by humans dressed in white shirts and aprons that said Red Lobster.

But the lonely lobster wasn’t scared. For who would dare to disturb him? Just look how strong he was! He wasn’t sad he was so alone. For only one could rule the throne. He was happy no one bothered him. He was happy to have so much room! He hardly noticed when another lobster got snatched away.

Well the weekend was a busy one at Red Lobster and more of the others got snatched away. He did often wonder where they went. For they never came back.

They are probably just too scared of me!  He thought to himself. Thinking in his tank.

He saw the people come and go. “Look at that big one!” they would say, pointing right at him.

Then the weekend passed and Monday was here. The humans were sad but the big lobster did not care. He was happy the weekend was so busy, because now there was only one lobster left. It was he.

He got his wish. He was all alone. No one would bother him. No one to push out of the way.

But as the story goes, it wasn’t as great to be alone. How could he be impressive with no one to be compared to? How could he have fun without pushing others away? And where will he go when he is finally taken just like the others?

These lonely thoughts were floating in his brain, as he watched the humans rush by. Now he sat in the corner, and thought about the other lobsters.

He began to wonder why he was all alone.

So listen to the tale of the King Lobster, alone before his time ends. He bullied others to get to the throne. But while he got to be king, he realized at his finale hour, it is better to have been gone together than to go alone. As proven by the lobster, king of the tank, the king with a lonely heart.

Photo taken by me. Red Lobster is a trademarked company. All rights reserved.

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