Randy McCharles – an update on a new fantasy novel

As I experienced first hand the curse of McBeth, I must read this book 🙂

When I was in drama class, some kids thought it’d be funny to test the curse by saying the name of the play. The very next second, the table they were un-wisely sitting on CRACKED in half, sending their smart-butt’s on the floor, lol.

Anyway, this book looks right up my cup of tea.

Reading Recommendations


Much Ado about Macbeth
by Randy McCharles

Genre: a contemporary fantasy published by Tyche Books

Quick description:
When drama teacher Paul Samson decides to put on a High School production of Macbeth, he forgets that it isn’t just The Scottish Play, it is The Cursed Play. And Paul soon learns just how cursed. After grappling with his principal, the PTA, his family, and his students, he must contend with witches, ghosts, and skeletons from his past. The show is destined from the outset to end badly, but no matter how desperate or dangerous circumstances become, Paul cannot cancel the play. Theatre has but one rule and one rule only: the show must go on.

RandyMcCharlesColour Randy McCharles has been publishing humorous speculative fiction since 1997, slowly graduating from short stories to novellas, and finally to novels. He has even received a few contest and award wins along the…

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