#dbf2015 has spoken … The Quest of the Prodigy #Steampunk adventure is a hit!


Well I had such a blast at the Decatur Book Festival 2015!!! It was my first ever book festival as an author, my first ever book signing event, and the best part? People were EXCITED for my story. Even better? Young people were excited for my story!! One girl was honestly giddy when I said how much action was in it, and that I did careful research on making it sound science-y. Her thrill made me even more thrilled. It got me pumped to start working on the sequel since it’s only the first book for this year.

And when people heard it was part of a series, that usually sold the deal. I was so excited that I sold 17 copies of my story, even a week before it’s official release!!! I told them that it was written by a sci-fi geek for a sci-fi geek, so it’s not for everyone, but those who will get that genre will really love it.

But I had so much fun meeting fellow sci-fi geeks, my Blue Harvest Creative authors and book team, and just everyone in between. People’s passion for reading inspired me with new fuel to write again, and it was just what I needed for that SPARK that is so hard to find in today’s stressful reality.

Just goes to show never give up. No matter how long you’ve been working on a project, seeing the joy on someone’s face when you’re talking about your story is pure MAGIC. And being able to encourage “aspiring” (I say there is no such thing as that word, if you write you are a writer!) writers really was what made my day.

Have you been to a book festival before? What was your experience like? Have you ever had an autographed book before? Share in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “#dbf2015 has spoken … The Quest of the Prodigy #Steampunk adventure is a hit!

  1. We loved meeting you and hanging out with you and all the other fellow BHC Authors. We are so thrilled your book did so well, and we are super proud of you! ❤


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