The Release Week of #Steampunk adventure: The Quest of the Prodigy!!! #mondayblogs #bookrelease #newbooks

Greetings all!!!

Well as you can imagine, I’m VERY EXCITED for TOMORROW’S release of the Quest of the Prodigy!


After working on this story since 2010, it is both a relief and a little bit scary to have the first story finally complete 🙂

I’ve honestly lost track of how many drafts this story has gone through! Well over 20.

As a debut novel from author C.E. Smith, I am very proud of this baby.

It’s got action, adventure, Steampunk galore, a touch of romance, murder, vengeance, alchemy, time travel, jazz and a whole lot more! I tried to give a little something for everyone but I tell people it was written for geeks by a geek. So I didn’t write it for everybody, but I wrote it for the true sci-fi fans.

Please check it out on Amazon! It’s available for both print-to-order paperback and for e-book. But if you enjoy reading from a real book, this one will be like no other! For each page has a fun design to enhance the reading experience!


So sci-fi fans and Steampunk fans, be sure to check this one out!!!

Prepare to set your Time-Shifters to fun!

3 thoughts on “The Release Week of #Steampunk adventure: The Quest of the Prodigy!!! #mondayblogs #bookrelease #newbooks

    • Thank you so much! It sold out at the Decatur Book Festival in it’s debut last month. I’m hoping for some reviews soon! 🙂 Thanks so much for checking it out! Are you a Steampunk fan too?


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