No #bloodmoon for you! #mondayblogs

bloodmoon envy

Well I guess I just have to borrow my character Bas Barkley’s Time Shifter and travel to the year 2033 for the next super blood moon, because wouldn’t you know it; it was raining last night. And everyone on my Facebook feed posted super cool photos of their sighting. Even their iPhone photos looked cool compared to my cloudy sky scene.

I was able to listen to some of the live coverage by NASA. It was neat because they gave some very lunar fun facts. And although Princess Luna did not grant my dream to see the blood moon, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, I felt like I was there. Did not mean there wasn’t some major blood moon envy!

So I’m very curious, did YOU get to see the supermoon? Was it everything we dreamed of? Was it more? Or, like me, did you miss out due to weather. Sigh. Oh well, we only have 18 more years to go! That’s not so long, is it? 🙂

Here’s where to catch some cool pics of the thing if you missed it:

  1. National Geographic shares photos from the audience:
  2. Nasa DID have live coverage of the thing:

There are LOADS more resources to catch the event if you missed it. Way too many to list 🙂

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