Happy #nationalcoffeeday! What do YOU love about coffee? And my thoughts on the #KeurigKold!

coffee day

Well this coffee obsessed author is ecstatic that today the nation celebrates coffee!

Coffee! Oh glorious coffee! How I do love thee ❤ Too many reasons to count! Not as poetic as Shakespeare but I only have had two cups of coffee 🙂

So today you might be lucky enough to score some free coffee around this great nation of ours. If you’ve ever gotten free Joe on National Coffee Day share your experience in the comments below!

And is it coincidence that Keurig launched the Keurig Kold today? I think not! Well done, Keurig, well done. Are you interested in the Kold? Is the Kold trying to kill the Soda Stream? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m interested in the Kold but I’m going to wait closer to Black Friday to see if the price goes down. Also there were a lack of demo’s and reviews on YouTube so I’ll wait until I have more information. Aside from the steep price tag of $369 (can we say YIKES!) it is not yet known just how many varieties they are having. And no Coke Zero yet! So no dice, Keurig. At least not yet. Bring the price down about a hundred bucks and then we’ll talk. Because that’s almost the price of an iPad Mini! Again, YIKES!

So share in the comments below what you love about coffee, if you ever scored a freebie on this day or what you think about the Keurig Kold. Because today is a big day for coffee fans!

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