Think big on Free Thought Day! #NationalFreethoughtDay #Monday Blogs


“But I don’t have any big thoughts!” BALDERDASH! Of COURSE you do. Because to think is to be human.

Why October 12th? 

Because apparently, some bloke of a mayor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay wrote a letter basically saying to think freely is not part of witchcraft. Or at least, that was the gist I got from it.

It makes the Salem Witchcraft Trails seem so much more important than they really were, if you think of it like that. Because back then, women couldn’t really speak their mind without being a witch. So good on you, Sir Phips. Good on you.

In a modern sense, we celebrate today by thinking BIG!

So, let’s hear it! Let’s hear those big damn thoughts! Shout to the Twitter-Universe and beyond! Because big damn thoughts have the power to create big damn heroes!


Share your awesome thoughts!

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