The Day I Almost Married Lara Croft

I would approve of this if it did happen 🙂

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What?  I almost married Lara Croft?  OK, I don’t mean, ‘the’, Lara Croft do I, just somebody else that has the same name as her?

Lara Croft Picture Credit:

Well actually no, I do mean the most famous Lara Croft there has ever been, she who is a full-time tomb raider, she who has the body most men desire and most women envy.

Our relationship started back in August 1997 when a friend of mine loaned me a copy of “Tomb Raider” for the Sony Playstation 1.  I’d had the Playstation for some months but was already getting bored with it, that is, until my friend introduced me to Lara Croft.

From the moment I inserted the game disc into the Playstation and pressed the play button, I’d fallen in love with the one and only woman who would ever pull at my heart-strings.

I would spend countless evenings, nights, and…

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