Should I format my own E-Book? | #Asktheauthor01

Good afternoon everyone! And happy Halloween tomorrow!

I’m excited today to present to you my very first Ask the Author Vlog Response! Wohoo! And we started with a deep question. It was challenging fitting all the info in one condense video, but I’m very pleased how it turned out. Thanks Pamela for starting me out with a hard-hitting question!

Here is the original question:

Hello C.E.,

I would like to self-publish my next novel; however, I don’t have the patience to format, etc., it myself. I proofread my work and had my first novel, edited, copy polished and the whole nine yards. I’m not familiar with all of the steps for putting up an e-book, nor am not exactly tech savvy. What do you advise?

Pamela D. Beverly,

So if you’ve ever been nervous about formatting your own e-book, and wondered if it was worth it to pay someone to do it for you, check out my response down below!

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