Inspirational #NANOWRIMO Tips from #Dragon author @FirleF!

Hello LMCer’s! Today’s #NANOWRIMO’s tips comes from my friend all the way from Germany! Meet Hannah everyone! Hi Hannah! For more info on the lovely Ms. Hannah, click on her picture below!


My three best NaNo writing tips:

Start with the second sentence.

If you can’t think of a first sentence in a scene, chapter or even the entire novel, don’t worry. Just start with the second sentence. That takes away the pressure of coming up with something clever, punchy or otherwise special as first sentence.

There is always editing. In December.

Keep your eyes open for inspiration.

Inspiration is everywhere. Literally. I found the name of one of my villains on the back of a car. It was advertising a website:

So my evil sorcerer was called Ihred.

It’s truly everywhere. Open your eyes and ears. Listen shamelessly. Ask “what if?” as much as possible.

And if that name turns out to be horrible? There’s always editing. In December.

When you get stuck, make something explode.

Well, it worked for McGyver. 😉

Seriously, if you are stuck, throw something bad at your characters and see how they deal with it. Bring on unexpected enemies. Or a snow storm. Let someone break a leg. At the very least, you’ll learn more about them, along with your reader. At the best, you’ll get another chapter or two out of it.

And well, there’s always editing, you know. In December.

And here’s my final, best and most secret, against the rules NaNo tip:

Edit while you go. I always do that in my writing. Whenever I finish a scene, I re-read it. Fix typos. Change a word or two to make it tougher. Clean it up. (It helps that I already write very clean manuscripts and correct most typos split-seconds after making them.) Then I write some more, and circle back for a little more re-reading and editing. Keyword is “little”.

And doing that does three things for me:

– I get a cleaner manuscript that needs only very little editing afterwards.

– I get deep into the story and the emotions.

– My mind can skip ahead to the next scene and make writing that so much easier.

Trust me. It’s just as fast as plowing straight on into the block for the next scene.

Happy NaNo-ing! May your words flow easily!

And calling all Dragon fans! Check out this book by the lovely Hannah! 


For centuries, there has been war between the Western Kingdom and the Carmine Empire. Mostly, it has been a slow, simmering war of aerial skirmishes and secret missions. The Barrier Mountains, a massive mountain range straddling the continent, has kept the factions apart. Even so, each realm is maintaining an army of dragons, as well as a close watch on the border.

Dorelle has been training with her very own dragon, Mashira, to become a part of the Skyforce. Contrary to her commanding officer, she thinks of Mashira as an intelligent partner, not a beast to be controlled rigidly. When her conviction spurs her into action, her Wing Commander is not amused and threatens to have Mashira killed. Dorelle chooses her dragon’s life over everything she holds dear: Her career, her family and her King.

She embarks on a dangerous journey and discovers a completely new country, new people and a new life. But when she also discovers a new, terrible threat to her Kingdom, she doesn’t hesitate to risk everything to take back the news.

Can she deliver the warning and save her Kingdom, even as she and her dragon are facing certain death?

This is the first book of The Cloud Lands Saga. Book two, “Kraken War” and book three, “Dragon Court”, are also available.

For more on Ms. Steenbock check out these inks!

Find her book on Amazon!

Visit her website:

Hannah, thanks so much for stopping by on LMC!

Happy Writing everyone!


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