8 Classic Rock Songs That Could’ve Been About 2016! #MLKDay2016 #MondayBlogs #Peace

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Well in honor of Martin Luther King Jr, without getting political as that’s not the point of this post, I thought it’d be interesting to point out some classic rock songs that could still apply today. From racism, homosexuality intolerance, and other injustices of our very real world, these songs still sing in our hearts. In fact, it’s rather eerie how similar the times are.

And although the world still has a long way to go to achieve the peace these songs seek to point out, we must celebrate how far we’ve come and hold on to the belief that we have the power of change, that love can still win over hate. Cheesy, and corny I know. But I believe it to be truth. The future shall not be wasted. We cannot, will not let it be wasted by hate. Before you click away saying you are just one person without any power, you have the power of words, my friend. And the internet. Use them words wisely. And love widely. Be that inspiration that inspires change.

So this post is to not only brighten your day with these rocking melody’s, but honor the men and women like Martin Luther King Jr. who were brave enough to make a stand in the wobbly and unsteady ground of politics.

While you listen to these gems of rock n’ roll and bob your head to the beat, close your eyes. Think of not the era they originated from, but think about our crisis’ today. And it might also give you chills that the artist’s words could be crossing time strings instead of guitar strings.

But as the Beatles sang in Revolution, don’t you know it’s gonna be … all-right!

  1. Everyday People: 
  2. Changes: 
  3. Get Up Stand Up: 
  4. For What it’s Worth:
  5. Revolution:
  6. My Generation:
  7. Imagine:
  8. Fortunate Son:

So what classic songs did I miss? Share in the comments!


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