#Hoopsnotcrime: 3 lessons learned from a viral hit! #mondayblogs


What #Hoopsnotcrimes can really teach us!

So normally I don’t pay too much attention to a viral video. That’s because of two things. One, usually the viral videos get so popular so fast I often miss them. And two, often times they are just about cute babies or kids doing something adorable.

Except for when they’re not.

In all the controversy of the alleged racism in our police systems, there are always the few exceptions of setting a good example when our country needs it most.

Some might call this “staged” to set such a good example, but it seemed legit at least to me. And I don’t blame the Gainsville PD for spreading some good police media on the interwebs.

If you haven’t seen the video, you can catch it here: http://nbcnews.to/1nii9bU

But, turns out this story was a two-parter.

Watch what happens next here: http://nbcnews.to/1niignT

Famed basketball star Shaq (I didn’t even know he retired?) heard about the story and wanted to surprise the kids with a game of teens vs. cops vs. Shaq. It was pretty amusing.

So, while it is cute and tugs on the heartstrings, what exactly does this teach us? Well, a few things if we think about it! Which, if you couldn’t tell, I have.
Lesson One (And the Most Important):
There’s magic in finding what we have in common instead of focusing on what makes us different!

Lesson Two:
There is power in small acts of kindness.

billmemeLesson Three:
Shaq is on the internet.
Shaq saw something that resignated with him and did something about it.
Shaq and Office White knows the power in common interests.
Shaq is smart.
Be like Shaq.

Well, it is only fitting to use the meme that went viral the same weeken d!

So what has been your favorite viral video lately? What would you do to keep it going if you could? Because like Shaq and Officer White shows us, a small difference can make an impact! Or, at least, make a bunch of kids smile. Which can be the best impacts of them all.

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