8 Classic Rock Songs That Could’ve Been About 2016! #MLKDay2016 #MondayBlogs #Peace

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Well in honor of Martin Luther King Jr, without getting political as that’s not the point of this post, I thought it’d be interesting to point out some classic rock songs that could still apply today. From racism, homosexuality intolerance, and other injustices of our very real world, these songs still sing in our hearts. In fact, it’s rather eerie how similar the times are.

And although the world still has a long way to go to achieve the peace these songs seek to point out, we must celebrate how far we’ve come and hold on to the belief that we have the power of change, that love can still win over hate. Cheesy, and corny I know. But I believe it to be truth. The future shall not be wasted. We cannot, will not let it be wasted by hate. Before you click away saying you are just one person without any power, you have the power of words, my friend. And the internet. Use them words wisely. And love widely. Be that inspiration that inspires change.

So this post is to not only brighten your day with these rocking melody’s, but honor the men and women like Martin Luther King Jr. who were brave enough to make a stand in the wobbly and unsteady ground of politics.

While you listen to these gems of rock n’ roll and bob your head to the beat, close your eyes. Think of not the era they originated from, but think about our crisis’ today. And it might also give you chills that the artist’s words could be crossing time strings instead of guitar strings.

But as the Beatles sang in Revolution, don’t you know it’s gonna be … all-right!

  1. Everyday People: 
  2. Changes: 
  3. Get Up Stand Up: 
  4. For What it’s Worth:
  5. Revolution:
  6. My Generation:
  7. Imagine:
  8. Fortunate Son:

So what classic songs did I miss? Share in the comments!


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Let’s Build Up Your Fictional Characters for #amwriting! #mondayblogs

build up charries
Good morning friends!
It’s now the second full week of January and hope you are still feeling as epic about 2016 as you did New Years Eve. I know I am still stoked for the new year!  I did a lot of prepping in 2015 and I feel like it will really pay off in 2016. For me, 2015 was my practice year :)
Well, a lot happened in 2015 too, so not really. But anyway, I’m ranting.
Point being, the reason for this post is to inform my writer vlogs will focus this year solely on character building for your fiction needs.
Well I personally think that characters are the most important part of a story! Even if the story is weak but has great characters (The Visit, for example!) can still hold it’s own for the most part. At least it can be a little bit forgiven.
But having truly original characters is very challenging.
So that’s why in my vlogs I’ll have not only some tips and tricks for you, but also some quick and fun writing assignments to get you un-blocked and get the muse flowing.
I also love to provide examples of some of my favorite characters from my most favorite books, movies and TV shows.
So what are you struggling with in your characters? Share below and I’ll respond over on YouTube! You can check out my channel, here!
Happy writing!

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How to Choose a Character Name #amwriting #WriterWednesday


Hey writer pals!

Would love to hear YOUR method of choosing a character name! Does the name come first, or the character? Share in the comments!

Happy Writing,

Claire ❤

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Cyber Monday or Black Friday? #mondayblogs

cyber monday


Hey guys! Wow I am behind on blogging, huh? November has been CRAZY!

  1. Got laid off on day job – fun times!
  2. NANOWRIMO Attempted
  3. Finished all of Supernatural – after having just started in June!
  4. Migrated my LMC wordpress.com site to wordpress.org
  5. Thanksgiving happened

So yeah, cra-cra busy! December is going to be even more huge!

But at least with the migration complete, and NANO out of the way I can focus on more than one thing, which is how I like to roll.

So let’s catch up! Leave a comment down below what YOU’VE been up to!

But today’s post is really about what happens after turkey day! All the shopping!

So did you guys find a better deal on Black Friday in the stores or online today at Cyber Monday?

I’m kind of curious if the Cyborgs are more of a deal than the Black Friday mobs 😉

Though I learned the best way to save money this year is by not having any at all to spend with!

But of course, the true spirit of the season is what money can’t buy.

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What It’s Like to Fly Into a Thunderstorm

That photo of the newspaper struck by lightning reminds me of when lightning came up through my floor last year and almost struck me. It struck my notebooks and they looked like that. Those were my plotting notebooks. I liked to think my story was such a good idea it even attracted lightning, LOL 🙂

Anywho, enjoy this cool story! Do you have a lightning experience? Share below in the comments!


Justin Nobel | Atlas Obscura | November 2015 | 14 minutes (3,498 words)

Our latest Exclusive is a new story by Justin Nobel, co-funded by Longreads Members and published by Atlas Obscura.

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How to litter your manuscript with typos (in 9 easy steps!)

I love this! 🙂 Reminds me of this quote!


Michelle Proulx - Author

Yes, this is based on a recent personal experience. Want the details? Keep reading!

How to litter your manuscript with typos

  1. Create a character with a short name that could easily be found in many longer words — i.e., “Kat”
  2. Write 40,000 words of a story
  3. Realize that you prefer an alternate spelling — i.e., “Cat”
  4. Do a “Search All” and “Replace All” to change the spelling — i.e., “Kat” > “Cat”
  5. Write another 10,000 words
  6. Realize you prefer the first spelling
  7. Do a “Search All” and “Replace All” to change the spelling back — i.e., “Cat” > “Kat”
  8. Casually reread the story and realize you’ve created 218 typos — i.e., “sKatter”, “reloKated”, unsKathed”, “mediKations”
  9. Success!

This definitely just happened to me, and I spent twenty minutes using Ctrl+F to find all my ridiculously spelled words and fix them. Honestly not a big deal, but still a very silly thing…

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