What are your writing struggles? #amwriting #asktheauthor #mondayblogs

Ask the AuthorHello all and Happy Monday!

I’m SUPER excited today because I’m announcing a NEW feature on Life, Muse Coffee!

If you’ve been to my blog before, you know I’m passionate about writing and helping encourage others for their passion in writing. It is the second part that gave me the idea to do my very own “Ask the Author” segment.

Now I know what you’re thinking “you only have one book, how can you help me?” And that is a valid point! But I’m a slow writer. I take my time, hone my ideas and have a perfection complex where I can’t publish until I KNOW it’s ready for the world. And I’m not saying faster authors don’t do that. I just  take my time. But I’m always writing, just not always publishing.

So because of that, I want to help YOU through your struggles. For me the hardest part is finishing a story. I get so many ideas! So it’s a challenge not to stop a story for a new one.

But what are your challenges? What questions have you always wanted to ask an author but maybe thought they didn’t care or weren’t exactly sure what to ask? Or maybe you just need help getting the motivation to start writing in general?

I thought with NANOWRIMO starting next month, what a better time to start this feature?!

But how does it work?


E-mail me at authorcesmith@gmail.com with your question! I will reply via a video blog post and will e-mail you the post link to make sure you don’t miss the answer. However if you ask in the comments make sure to use the hashtag #asktheauthor so I know it’s an official question! I understand completely if you’d like to not e-mail me, and I’m okay with comments too! But I have the e-mail feature in case you don’t want people to know it was your question for discreet-ness.

Why am I sharing your questions publicly? Because I figure if you have the question, someone lurking might have had the same question, but maybe was too shy or didn’t want to ask!

So let’s help writers everywhere, new or seasoned, by sharing some struggles, questions or concerned about: writing, editing, publishing, all the things!

And if I don’t know the answer I will be sure to research, saving you the time for doing so!

The answer to why I’m doing this is simple: because I love helping the writing community! You guys inspire me every day with the #amwriting hashtag on Twitter, I’d love to inspire someone else in their writing, too!

You guys rock!

So go ahead, ask away!

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