Visiting downtown is like a mini-vacation on weekends!

Sometimes, as a local, it’s good to play tourist downtown. That is, try new restaurants, explore the city, and just get outside!


I’ve been a “local” at Greenville for almost two years now. And while I live about an hour away from the city, I love it. Coming from Chicago, people think it’s weird when I call my town a “suburb” of Greenville. They don’t use that term here. In Chicago-land, people as far as Indiana would sometimes try to call their town part of Chicago-land.

But we’re not in Chicago anymore, and I don’t miss it.

But this weekend was great. Went out with my friend Saturday night, ‘cuz she had a Groupon for a wine joint. And then on Easter we went out for Brunch. It was nice because I am usually home for Easter.

And with the beautiful trees just now branching out, wonderful mountains, friendly peeps, and southern food…really now, what’s to miss of Chicago? Besides the hotdogs and cubbies, of course! But just check out these gorgeous grits down below:


Do you have a city nearby where you can feel like an escape for a while, if even for a weekend? Share down below!

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