Watch out for new #Google360 concepts via Pulsar #TechTuesday #TechNews


Good news for those keeping a watch on Google’s Smartwatch 360! Looks like some speculation has been raised about what sort of features Google has in mind for this well deserved hyped-up watch!

I know my wonder has been the social media capabilities. And if Google DOES have any plans to model it’s watch after the Pulsar – well then it looks like all worries can be washed away. For according to this article, Google has been eying the conceptional Pulsar watch.

For more on this article, click over here: Smartwatch Fans and for more about the Pulsar watch, check this out: Pulsar Concepts.

But I want to know from YOU: what features are you most looking forward for the 360? Do you have any fears that they will leave something out? Or are you over the Smartwatch phase already? Comment below!

Thanks tech fans!



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