Shakespeare taught me…be careful who you call the fool… #aprilfools


You might feel fooled if you fell for a prank today. But a good fool, a traditional fool, would have had it almost impossible not to fall for the prank. Because a good fool, would study their “victim” and use the right moment and timing to get the effect they want on others.

I was never a good fool.

I am not devious enough to manipulate others. Oh I am not being a wet noodle on April Fool’s day. I am not saying you are evil if you pull a prank today. In fact, go for it! Show off your cleverness as you pull the veil over someone’s eyes. All I’m saying was, I was usually the one being fooled, not the fool-er.

Have you ever pulled a prank? What was your worst prank you fell for? Share in the comments!


But the traditional fool was one to be admired. In Shakespeare plays (my favorite fool is the one from the Twelfth Night) would also study their ‘victims’ – usually the nobles and royals. Then they would use the perfect timing to not pull a prank, but rather, to say the truth through humor. This technique is often used in literature and movies today. Using humor to tell the truth. JK Rowling even said something about this in an interview, that the Weasley’s used humor to tell the truth. But I forgot the exact quote. I’m sure it was something good.

What is your favorite example of using humor / pranks / jokes to tell a profound message to the audience? Share down below!

So don’t be too bummed if you get fooled today. In fact, it might even be a compliment. It meant they thought you were interesting enough to study for a bit until the time was right to pull the prank.

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