#SteampunkTuesday #Steampunk props of my novel! #amwriting

As kind of a sneak preview of my book, I decided to post props from my story I am very excited about!

So here we go:

Prop One:


These will be the spectacles of Neil Nelson. No special powers, they just look awesome! And he has a nervous tick of pushing them up when he is upset or worried. Vote for Nelson! He is the candidate for the town’s election next year against Mayor Meyer. But if I lived in Genevia, I’d vote for Meyer! But don’t tell Nelson that 🙂

Prop Two:


The people of Genevia are known for their craftsmanship, even their keys are cool looking! This key belongs to Mayor Meyer, but it’s true importance is with Nelson when he saves the Prince. Won’t spoil much more, sorry!

Prop Three:


These babies were a gem to find! They belong to my baddie, Lieutenant Dossel and I’m very proud of how I described them. Won’t tell you what they do or when, but it’s bad mwahaha! Don’t mess with Dossel. Or tell him he’s out of power as soon as you’re King…nope, big mistake!

Prop Four:


Another description I’m very proud of. These belong to Professor Higgins. I swapped the lions head on the handle for an owl’s head to represent the wisdom. Or rather, Higgins picked out these chairs for the owl head because he thinks himself of a genius. In a way, he is a bit of a genius. Still a boob though! Ug I can never forgive Higgins…but, spoilers!

Prop Five:


A fire hose you might ask? Yep…a fire hose. In the start of my story, Prince Theo gets turned into a Cyborg. Oooo exciting! Well…not going to lie, it kind of is! Professor Higgins was one of the doctor’s who helped install his arm, and he and Doctor Tam added cool gadgets to help him along. They felt bad he was lost his right arm and thought this would help ease him up.

And one of the gadgets is…yep, a fire hose. Which comes in pretty handy! Well, Keshka thinks so at least!

So that’s it for the sneak preview! Hope you guys liked it. I’m super excited for finishing the story to find out exactly what happens because my characters have been surprising me through and through and half the stuff that happened I have no idea where it came from. On the other hand, I’m having so much fun writing this thing I know I’m going to be a sad bubble when it’s over! But then you get to read it, so it will all be worth it.

COFFEE TALK: Do you guys use online as props inspiration? If so, what have you used?

Thanks again you guys for getting me into Steampunk! I can’t believe I wasn’t familiar with it before this year lol.

Stay Shiny and Happy Writing,

❤ Claire

P.S. Coffee talk = my new slogan for talking about writing via comments below! And free virtual coffee for every comment, woop that almost better than a gold star!

4 thoughts on “#SteampunkTuesday #Steampunk props of my novel! #amwriting

  1. Evening! (for me anyway)

    Ok, so it isn’t a prop as such… but i did scout out a picture for my “club” that is in my steampunk that i am plotting out.

    And i was looking up umbrella’s.

    oh and i have been planning on using a real newspaper clipping as a prompt for one part of the story.

    Its rather cool really. it is about my GGG uncle. Who in 1885 quite unceremoniously decided to chop his girlfriend’s head off with a golden Japanese dagger! (poor girlfriend of course…)

    It took me 10 years to uncover the family secret that Nana refused to tell to her dying day, but i finally found it in a record in the National Archives in London!

    Not really a prop, as such… but i did find the original article over the net… does that count?

    However my current “wind whorl” is creating a bronze hexagonal device 🙂 most fun.

    anyway best be off i am supposed to be finishing assessment stuff.

    talk later.



  2. Hi Sara,

    Thanks so much for commenting! ❤

    That TOTALLY counts. In fact, probably counts more since it's personal ^_^

    Your Nana's story sounds like it'd make a great memoir! Have you thought about a memoir?

    Thanks again,

    ❤ Claire


  3. Fantastic props! Good to see a writer making the most of the use of images to enhance description. I just love the internet; no longer does one have to trudge to the library and have piles of National Geographics and encyclopaedias …


  4. Cool stuff! =)

    I have 2 inspirational props that I’ve used…a silver heart-shaped locket with rubies that is given to my MC, and a book of poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The book is very significant to the plot and I was lucky enough to find a 1951 copy…the exact year as in my story. ;o)

    Great post…you’ve inspired me to blog about my own props! =)


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